Fees & Offers

Fee Guide

Our practice strives to be transparent with finances, therefore we will give you a written itemized estimate for the treatment you have chosen BEFORE undertaking any work.

It is our practice policy to give patients full information about the cost of their dental work before any treatment is undertaken. The dentist will explain all treatment costs and patients are provided with a written treatment plan with costs. The patient is asked to read and sign one copy, which is filed with the patient’s notes and the patient retains a copy for their records.

Payment can be cash, credit card, debit card and cheque.

Hutton Village Dental Private Price List revised 1st April 2021

 New Patient Exam  £70
 Xray  £15
 OPG  £55
 Routine Exam  £45

 Orthodontic  £70
 Implant  £70
 Botox  Free
 Private Adult Sedation  £70

 Adult 30mins  £55
 Child  £39

 Amalgam Fillings  From £110 to £175

 Composite Filling  From £110 to £175

 Root Canal  From
 Open & Drain  £90
 Incisors  £300
 Premolar  £350
 Molar  £450

 Extractions From
 Simple  £90
 Complex  £100
 Wisdom  £150
 Surgical  £150
 dry socket  £50

 Crown & Bridge
 Emax  From £550
 Veneer  From £500

 Full Upper  £650
 Full Lower  £650
 FullFull  £1300
 Chrome  From £1000
 partial  From £550

 Home  £300

 Fixed Braces per arch  From £2200
 Invisalign Light  £2600
 Invisalign Full  £4200

 Implants  From £1700
* does not include bone augmentation or sinus lift

 per half hour  £150

 Facial Aesthetics
 Anti wrinkle treatment1 area  £90
 2 areas  £170
 3 areas  £210
 Fillers bt Volumeper syringe  £300
 0.5ml  £150